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Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: 5 More Things You Should Not Do During Your Divorce

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     As a follow up to my previous article, here are 5 more things you should not do during your divorce. Clean out the marital home This is a big no-no. Your impulse may be to clean the home out because your soon to be ex spouse will destroy, sell, or hide things. There…

Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: What Types Of Child Custody Are In Michigan?


     In Michigan, both parents will share custody of the minor children, unless there is a court order that states otherwise. Both parents will share custody, even if the child is living with only one parent. There are two types of custody, legal custody and physical custody. Custody in Michigan is governed by MCL…

Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: If My Ex-Spouse Files For Bankruptcy, Will I Lose My Spousal Support?

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           Bankruptcy law does not allow any Domestic Support Obligations (DSO) to be dischargeable in bankruptcy, whether in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. That means your ex-spouse will not be able to get out of their court ordered obligations for child support or spousal support (alimony). That is the short answer.        We must now…