Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: 5 More Things You Should Not Do During Your Divorce

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     As a follow up to my previous article, here are 5 more things you should not do during your divorce.

Clean out the marital home

This is a big no-no. Your impulse may be to clean the home out because your soon to be ex spouse will destroy, sell, or hide things. There are ways to prevent this from happening. Once your case is filed we can file an ex-parte (get an order signed without the other party) mutual restraning order. This will be an order that prevents either party from disposing of the assets. If the spouse violates this order, then they will be in contempt of court and will have to explain to the judge why they felt it necessary to violate the judges order. If the judge does not sign an ex-parte order, we can file an expedited motion. But most judges do sign an ex-parte mutual restraining order as it protects both parties during the divorce.

Use the children as a bargaining tool

Your children have nothing to do with the divorce. This is going to be hard on them as it is, don’t use them as a pawn to get what you want. This makes you look petty and more importantly, makes you look like you don’t care about your children. This could come back to haunt you if child custody is an issue.

Bring your new girlfriend/boyfriend to court or around the children before the divorce is finalized

This could have disastrous affects on custody if you are in a dating relationship before the divorce is finalized. Also it could affect property division, spousal support (may be proof you were cheating during the marriage). Most importantly, it serves no purpose to have them there. It may infuriate the other party to the point that where we cannot negotiate a settlement. Divorce is emotional enough. Don’t bring more of it on yourself.

Bring your children to your lawyers office or court

Get a sitter. If we are in my office or in court, we need to concentrate on the case and if you are distracted by chasing your kids or trying to keep them quiet, we will get nothing done and will cause unnecessary delay. Also, as said before this is tough enough on your kids, don’t put them in a position to see you and your spouse at odds with each other. Court or a lawyers office is not fun and the kids will be board.

Be negative

No negativity here, as is on my personal Facebook profile page. I know you may have been hurt or are angry, but negativity solves nothing. Negativity clouds your judgment and breeds anger and resentment. Keep a strong positive attitude that this will be a good change and that you will take control of your life. Positive thoughts will bring positive feelings into your life.

     If you would like more information, please visit your Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer website, or call for a free consultation. In Macomb County, call (586) 439-4297 extension 0. In Oakland County, call (248) 581-0598 extension 0. I have night and weekend appointments available.


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