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     The decision to file for divorce is not easy. If you search the internet, you will find all sorts of opinions as to why you should or should not file. You will also find all sorts of myths, half-truths, and horror stories about divorce. This book will help you get the straight facts about divorce in Michigan. The book will not tell you that you need to file for divorce, only you can tell yourself that. But this book will help you sort through what divorce is all about.      I wanted to make this EBook free to you because I believe that free information will help you make a proper decision about divorce. I want to make sure you get the true facts about divorce. I want to make sure you have peace of mind. Here is what you get:    1) The divorce process in Michigan 2) No-fault divorce in Michigan 3) Child Custody 4) Parenting Time 5) Child Support 6) Spousal Support 7) Property division 8) What to do during your divorce 9) What not to do during your divorce 10) Why hire me      Simply sign up below to receive a link to download your free EBook. Don’t worry, I will never spam you or sell your email address to anyone. It’s safe and secure. So please enjoy this free EBook and if you have any further questions, or you want to schedule your free consultation, give me a call at (586) 439-4297. I have weekend, and evening appointments available. I have offices in Mt. Clemens, Troy, Southfield, and Livonia.    

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