Parenting Time (Visitation)


     Michigan refers to visitation as parenting time. It will be awarded as part of the divorce judgment and can be very flexible, sometimes alternating weekends, every other holiday, one day a week for a few hours, and three weeks in the summer. The Friend of the Court can be called upon the make a written recommendation on parenting time if the parties cannot come to an agreement themselves.  

      It is important to note that parenting time and payment of child support is mutually exclusive. That is, one spouse cannot withhold parenting time from the other spouse for non-payment of child support and vice versa. If the non-custodial parent is withholding child support payments, then the custodial parent must contact their attorney or the Friend of the Court to enforce the child support payments. Likewise, if the custodial parent is withholding parenting time, then the non custodial parent cannot withhold child support payments. The non-custodial parent must contact their attorney or the Friend of the Court for enforcement. Remember, the child support is for the benefit your child. Do not use your child as a weapon against your former spouse.

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