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Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer:Can My Ex-Spouse Discharge the Credit Card Debt He/She Owes Me from the Divorce?

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This is the second part to my last article I wrote on whether spousal support can be discharged in bankruptcy. If you missed that article, you can read it here. Credit card debt works differently than a Domestic Support Obligation and there are different rules for this type of treatment.      When you enter…

Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: What is “No Fault” Divorce in Michigan?

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  So, you’ve heard of no fault insurance, but have you heard of “no fault” divorce? No fault divorce is the law in Michigan and it governs how a divorce is handled. Simply stated, the only thing that has to be alleged in a divorce complaint is “that there has been a breakdown of the…

Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer: The Top 10 Things to do to Prepare For Your Divorce

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         The last article I wrote was about things you should not do during your divorce. Here are 10 helpful things your Metro-Detroit Divorce Lawyer advises you need to do while planning your divorce. Here are 10 things you need to do while planning your divorce: Consult an Attorney             This is the first thing you need…